Features of Transfer Trolley

(1) Steerable Transfer Trolley

(2) Welded construction of structural steel

(3) Cable pendant for walk beside controls

(4) Steel Decking

(5) Electric motor brakes

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Why we need a energy transfer trolley

The large table handling equipment energy transfer trolley with swivel casters is a good idea for in-plant or bay to bay transport. The transfer trolleys are generally used to carry loads along assembly lines; transfer material from one work place to another; store and transport an entire shift worth of production. Actually, transfer trolleys can even be used as a stable yet moveable machine base. We do believe that we have the handling solutions you need and each style can be designed for your specific application. 

The characters of energy transfer trolley

For loads up to 200 tons;

Transfer trolley has two fixed and two swivel casters;

They are DC battery powered (Optional AC powered);

Transfer trolleys are designed to travel on smooth to semi-smooth level floors;

Customization is available for specific applications;

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Applications of Energy Transfer Trolley

The large table handling equipment energy transfer trolley with swivel casters are transfer carts designed to be an extremely cost effective, safe and flexible load moving alternative.

1. Coils (V-Groove table design / U-shaped deck);

2. Tanks;

3. Assemblies: to send a partially completed product to the next station;

4. Sub-assembly shuttle from one line to another line;

5. Maintenace cart for motors and pumps;

6. Equipment support;

7. Material shuttle for steel tubing (with guard rails);

8. Elevating platform for assembly process;

9. Sand casting;

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Specification for Energy Transfer Trolley

Load Capacity (t)

50t / Customized / The load capacity up to 300 tons

Table Size/Dimension (mm)

6000X2300X700 / Customized as per need

Special Functions

Anti-explosion, can work for harsh thermal environmental

Control Mode

Cable Pendant / Radio remote control /PLC control


Lead-acid Battery (Maintenance-free type is all right)/Winding/Travelling Cable/Diesel

Frame and Appearance Design

Individual frame design and depending on the transport task



Wheels Type

Polyurethane coated wheel

Path Shape

The Rail can be straight, "S" formed, "L" shaped or arc type

Safety Assurances

Bumpers/Laser scanners/emergency stop button on all side/Protection Bars

Running Speed 

0-30m/min   Actually, the speed is variable or adjustable as practical transport task


The transfer trolley will be tailored for your voltage range

Application Sites

Both Industrial and Commercial


For kinds of heavy material/machine parts/lathe/equipments transfer or handling


Custom Energy Transfer Trolley Solutions

1. Deck configurations of the trolley

2. Wheel Materials

3. Table size (length, width, height)

4. Motor, gear reducer brands are optional


energy transfer trolley

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