The photos present the large load capacity is applying in a new factory for crate lifting. It can work together with forklift or rail transfer cart.

The lifting capacity of the gantry crane can reach to 300 tons

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Material handling gantry crane is a necessary handling tool for many steel factory and shipbuilding industry.
For the working requirements, with large weight, high temperature, high using frequency, in order to improve the working efficiency, many customers need to install gantry cranes in factories.
According to the using condition, the gantry crane is widely used in outdoor environment, it also can be used in indoor.
If the cargo weight is exceeds 50 tons, the double girder gantry crane is the suitable type.


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This kind of double gantry crane is suitable to use shipyard, steel mill, construction site, warehouse. Etc.


transfer carts on rail,steerable transfer trolley,industrial transfer carts manufacturer

Item Description
Double gantry          Crane Lift capacity(t) Lifting height (m) Span (m) Runway length (m)
10 6 16.5 110
Machine type GMD40 2 3 8 4/1
Specification Hoist speed (m/min) Hoist motor power
Speed control Rope diameter(mm) Rope reeving
4 1.5 Contactor controlled 14 4/1
Trolley  speed(m/min) Trolley motor power Trolley type Wheel diameter Speed control
20 ATV-31 380V 1.1kw TG16-1400 160 Direct drive  Frequency Inverter controlled
Bridge type Double girder
Specification Crane travel speed
Crane motor power
Speed control End carriage type Wheel diameter
20/5 2x1.1(ATV-31 380V 2.2kw) Frequency Inverter controlled TG31(Direct drive) 315
Control type Mobile pendant control for synchronized systems
Specification Bridge electrification Runway electrification Supply voltage Control voltage Speed control instruments Mainboard instruments
C profile with cable trolleys 100 A conductor line 400V 50 HZ 24 V AC Schneider electric Schneider electric
Operation type Indoor operation
Ambient temperature -10/+40°C
Mode of protection IP54
Working class FEM 2M - ISO M5


BEFANBY gantry cranes include single girder, double girder, double leg, single leg, and cantilever styles for indoor or outdoor service. Capacities, spans and heights can be customized according to your requirements.


transfer carts on rail,steerable transfer trolley,industrial transfer carts manufacturer

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